What's up Guys, Welcome to my journey! This book is about a season in my personal life, and how the journey to finding my purpose led to photography, and then to the Inspirational Alter-Ego Movement(IAE). It is about embracing the journey of  healing, deliverance, & salvation. The IAE movement is displayed through a visual testimonial portrait. The  portrait has  two images that tell a strong story of how each person overcame their wilderness by utilizing God’s word through scriptures or by a spiritual song. This book is to reach the lost, Christians who have become weary, the blind and deaf, the unsure people of Faith, multicultural, and mainly all ages. But dear to my heart, the 19 year old college girl inside. Each portrait accompanies a detailed description told through the photographers’ spiritual eyes, the gift of discernment. My Hope is that by reading this book you will start the journey of getting to know you better and become exactly who God created you to be! 

 - Ebony 

the Purpose Seeker


 (Live in your purpose & inspire others to do the same!)

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